Heidelberg, Germany | October 1st - 3rd, 2012

Organized by: Sabine Koch, Thomas Fuchs and Wolfgang Tschacher

The conference was held at Heidelberg University.

This conference addressed the following main questions:
What role does the body play in feeling and thinking?
Which new perspectives do embodiment and enactive approaches bring to the cognitive sciences and to dynamic systems approaches?
How do clinicians and psychotherapists incorporate principles of embodiment into their work?
How far reaching is the influence of embodiment in social and communicative processes?

Keynote speakers:

Lawrence Barsalou, cognitive science, Emory University, Atlanta
Wilma Bucci, psychotherapy, Adelphi University, New York
Christine Caldwell, somatic psychology, Naropa University, Boulder
Elisabeth Oberzaucher, anthropology, University of Vienna
Hermann Haken, theoretical physics and synergetics, University of Stuttgart
Sascha Topolinski, social psychology, University of Würzburg

Johannes Michalak (clinical psychology, University of Hildesheim) gave an invited address on the topic of mindfulness and embodiment.

Christine Caldwell (Naropa University) and Zeno Kupper (psychotherapy, University of Bern) held pre-conference workshops on Sunday, September 30th (14-18h / 2 pm - 6 pm).
Topics: "Body narratives that heal" (Caldwell) and "Mindfulness and body awareness" (Kupper).

This conference was 17th in the Herbstakademie series dedicated to the topic of complex systems in psychology and related disciplines. Klaus Schenck's report is here (in German). Information on previous meetings of the Herbstakademie community is provided here. A list of Herbstakademie publications is this.


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Tschacher
Universitätsklinik für Psychiatrie, Universität Bern

PD Dr. Sabine Koch
Psychologisches Institut, Universität Heidelberg

Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Fuchs
Klinik für Allgemeine Psychiatrie, Universität Heidelberg

Additional Herbstakademie series organizers: Prof. Dr. E. J. Brunner (Jena, Germany), Prof. Dr. J.-P. Dauwalder (Lausanne, Switzerland)