Heidelberg, Germany | October 1st - 3rd, 2012

Organized by: Sabine Koch, Thomas Fuchs and Wolfgang Tschacher

Preconference workshops

Sunday, September 30th (14-18h / 2 pm - 6 pm)

Christine Caldwell (somatic psychology, Naropa University, Boulder): Body narratives that heal
Description: We now understand the importance of the creation of narratives in the formation of both personal and social identity. Narratives are usually seen as verbal, but the body creates its own narratives in posture, gesture, and expressive movement. The workshop will introduce the three levels of body narrative, and how to support their construction and integration with verbal narrative identity.

Zeno Kupper (psychotherapy, University of Bern): Mindfulness and body awareness
Description: Body awareness is an important aspect of the mental state mindfulness, and plays a crucial role in different forms of clinically used mindfulness exercises, such as body scan, yoga and mindfulness of the breath. In mindfulness traditions, awareness of the body has been termed a "foundation of mindfulness", the body described as "the stabilizing element that brings mind to the present". This workshop will give a brief introduction to some experiential and theoretical aspects of the relationships between mindfulness and body awareness.