19th Herbstakademie

Embodied Aesthetics: Resonance in Perception, Expression and Therapy

Heidelberg, Germany | October 5-7, 2017

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To complete registration you will be requested to pay the registration fee by credit card.
Accepted cards are Master Card and Visa.

The registration fees are as follows:

early fee
(until August 15th)

late fee
(from August 16th)

300 CHF
(280 EUR)*
355 CHF
(330 EUR)*

doctoral student

135 CHF
(125 EUR)*

180 CHF
(170 EUR)*

Pre-conference workshops (Wednesday, October 4th, 14-18h / 2pm - 6pm): 72 CHF (68 EUR)*
"Embodiment, mindfulness and the treatment of depression" (Prof. Dr. Johannes Michalak),
"Enacting the Self - A Bodily Exploration of Self with Others" (Dr. Miriam Kyselo)
"Embodied Aesthetics of Flow – Creating „optimal experiences“ through movement" (Lily Martin & Birgitt Bodingbauer)

* prices in EUR are approximate (exchange rate January 31st 2017)