Synergetics: a Workshop

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Synergetics at Schloss Elmau, Bavaria, May 2-7, 1977

Springer Series in Synergetics, Vol. 2

1977, Springer-Verlag Berlin, ISBN 3-540-08483-5




Prof. Dr. Hermann Haken

Institut fŸr Theoretische Physik der UniversitŠt Stuttgart

Pfaffenwaldring 57/IV

D-7000 Stuttgart 80, Fed. Rep. of Germany





General concepts


H. Haken: Some aspects of synergetics


A. Kastler (UniversitŽ Paris VI, Laboratoire de Spectroscopie Hertzienne de lÕEcole normale superieure, F-75231 Paris): Radiation and entropy, coherence and negentropy


R. Thom (Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques, F-91440 Bures-surs-Yvette): What is catastrophe theory about?



Bifurcation Theory


K. KirchgŠssner (Mathemat. Institut A der UniversitŠt Stuttgart, D-7000 Stuttgart): Bifurcation of a continuum of unstable modes


D. Joseph (University of Minnesota, Dept. of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, Minneapolis, MN 55455): The bifurcation of T-periodic solutions into nT-periodic solutions and TORI


D.H. Sattinger (University of Minnesota, School of Mathematics, Minneapolis, MN 55455): Cooperative effects in fluid problems




Instabilities in Fluid Dynamics


H.L. Swinney, P.R. Fenstermacher (The City College, The University of New York, Dept. of Physics, New York, NY 10031); J.P. Gollup (Physics Dept., Haverford College, Harverford, PA 19041): Transition to turbulence in a fluid flow


E.L. Koschmieder (College of Engineering, The University of Texas, Austin, TX 78712): Instabilities in fluid dynamics



Instabilities in Astrophysics


R. Kippenhahn (Max-Planck-Institut fŸr Physik und Astrophysik, D-8000 MŸnchen): Instabilities in stellar evolution





R.K. Bullough (University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology, Dept. of Math., Manchester M601QD); R.K. Dodd (Dept. of Mathematics, University of Manchester, Manchester M601QD): I. Basic concepts, II. Mathematical structures



Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions in Chemical Reactions


R. Nitzan (Tel-Aviv University, Institute of Chemistry, Tel-Aviv, Israel): Chemical instabilities as critical phenomena


A. Pacault (Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal, F-33405 Talence): Chemical evolution far from equilibrium


G. Czajkowski (Institute of Mathematics and Physics, Technical and Agricultural Academy, 85-084 Bydgoszcz, Poland): Entropy and critical fluctuations in a stochastic model of second order nonequilibrium phase transition



Chemical waves and turbulences


Y. Kuramoto (Institut fŸr theoretische Physik der UniversitŠt Stuttgart, D-7000 Stuttgart): Chemical waves and chemical turbulence


O.E. Ršssler (Institut fŸr physikalische und theoretische Chemie, D-7400 TŸbingen, and Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Stuttgart, D-7000 Stuttgart): Chemical turbulence – a synopsis


O.E. Ršssler: Continuous chaos





H. Kuhn (Max-Planck-Institut fŸr biophysikalische Chemie, D-3400 Gšttingen-Nikolausberg): Morphogenesis – persistence of organized structures and breakthrough of new structures


H. Meinhardt (Max-Planck-Institut fŸr Virusforschung, Molekularbiologische Abteilung, D-7400 TŸbingen): The spatial control of cell differentiation by autocatalysis and lateral inhibition


H.J. Maresquelle (Institut de Botanique, F-67000 Strasbourg): RegelmŠssig periodische Verteilung im Raum



Biological Systems


J.D. Cowan (Max-Planck-Institut fŸr biophysikalische Chemie, D-3400 Gšttingen): Neurosynergetics


H. Fršhlich (University of Liverpool, Dept. of Physics, Liverpool, England): Biological control through long range coherence



General Systems


W. Buckley (University of New Hampshire, College of Liberal Arts, Social Science Center, Durham, NH 03824): Sociocultural systems and the challenge of socio-biology


M. Welge (UniversitŠt Kšln, Seminar fŸr Allgemeine Betriebswirtschaftslehre und Organisationslehre, D-5000 Kšln): Applications of synergy in business administration


F. Fršhlich (Liverpool, England): The linguistic structure of the chromosome genetic code and language